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Teach Umpqua is a program that builds a schoolwide culture of equity and educational success throughout Douglas County.

Interested in becoming a teacher?

Learn what’s needed to become a teacher

Why become a teacher?

  • Create a positive change in this community.

  • Shape the future of our community.

  • Make a difference in the lives of youth.

Teachers for all grade levels are needed.

    Resources to get you started!

    Are you bilingual?

    Have you considered earning the Oregon Seal of Bilteracy documenting your proficiency in two or more languages and recognized with a Seal on your diploma?

    Biliterate teachers are very much in demand and in some cases may be eligible for additional compensation (salary) given the importance of this asset.

    What is the difference between the terms bilingual and biliterate? A person who is bilingual can fluently speak two languages. A person who is biliterate can read and

    write proficiently in two languages.

      Equity and senate bill 13 tribal history/shared history

      TSPC Financial Assistance Through an interagency agreement with the Educator Advancement Council, the Commission has been granted a sum of money intended to help increase the numbers of diverse* educators in Oregon. TSPC is pleased to offer two opportunities for diverse educators to receive financial assistance with expenses of becoming a licensed educator, with a third opportunity available through the Educator Advancement Council. 

      Grow Your Own Scholarship

      Discover your path to a teaching career

      Start at your career goal and work backward

      • Conduct informational interviews – Talk with current educators and ask them questions

      • If you’re a high school student, sign up for an ED 100 college course connected to Umpqua Community College and participate in a student practicum while getting college credit.

      • Find a mentor. The Grow Your Own Facilitator can match you with a mentor that will encourage your goals and help you work through any barriers.